♦ How much space is required for a bounce house or inflatable unit? Our bounce houses measure at least 13’x13’ or more. An additional 2 to 3 feet on each side of the unit is necessary for safety and ease of entry into the unit.


♦ Who can set up the units? Leave it to the team of professional representatives that are properly trained to deliver, set up and pick up each piece of equipment. Each representative will review the safety instructions with you so that you can enjoy the rentals safely.


♦ What is needed to set up the unit? All we need is a relatively flat, open area that does not have any overhead obstructions and a power outlet within 50 feet of where the unit is to be used. Bounce houses plug into a standard 110 household outlet. We will supply the cord, and we ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet we are utilizing. If you are requesting a wet bounce house, we also ask you provide a hose for the hook up to the wet unit.


♦ Do we need to supply any other equipment? No. We supply everything that is needed to get the units up and running. We have tarps and extension cords reaching up to 50 feet that will give us a wide area to work with. Generators are also available upon request for an additional fee.


♦ Can any rental unit be used in the rain? We always reserve the right to cancel a reservation if it rains or there are high winds in excess of 20 mph and there is a 50% chance of rain. However, if weather conditions change after we drop off a dry option unit, we require that you do not use if it becomes wet. The units become very slippery when wet and can cause injury to children and adults. Once the storm passes re-inflate the unit and dry off the inside before using the unit again.


♦ Will bad weather during my rental result in a refund? No, if Customer agrees to keep the unit for the term of the rental agreement and it begins to rain and storm AFTER unit is DELIVERED and SET UP, there will be NO refunds.


♦ What are my responsibilities when using the unit? You MUST adhere to the safety guidelines set in the rental contract, addendum and safety brochure provided during delivery. A responsible adult must be present at all times when the unit is in use. This person must know the safety and operating procedures and must enforce them at all times. You are responsible for keeping the unit clean and safe from damage.


♦ Does there need to be an adult supervisor? Yes. An adult supervisor must be present anytime the unit is being used.


♦ Can inflatable units be used by adults? Yes. There are no age restrictions, but please adhere to the weight restrictions. Most inflatables have a weight limit so it will depend upon the inflatable. The basic bouncers will safely allow 6-10 children at time depending upon the bouncer size.


♦ Is there a deposit required to reserve a unit? Yes, there is a $40 dollar non-refundable deposit to reserve your date and payment in full is due at the time of set-up.


♦ Are there any cancellation fees? No. We do not charge a cancellation fee but we do have a $40 dollar non-refundable deposit. We would appreciate a 24 hour cancellation notice, however it is not mandatory! There are no refunds provided once the unit has been set up.


♦ How far in advance should I rent a unit? We are always taking reservations for equipment. We take reservations on a first-call, first-serve basis.


♦ What are the rental periods for the units? You can rent the bounce houses for the ENTIRE DAY; we are very flexible and dedicated to making each event successful, so please contact us with any special requirements.


♦ Can I have my party at a park? Yes. Bounce houses are great for parks, schools, and church events. Some parks require that you have reservations in order to have a bounce house at the park. Contact the park district for requirements such as a permit. Also check to see if electricity and water hooks ups (wet units) will be available, if not we can arrange for a generator for an additional charge.


♦ Are there any delivery fees? If you are located in the immediate Tucson area, there are no additional fees. Our business is located at 3939 N Romero Rd Tucson AZ, if you are located outside of our 25 mile delivery range there will be a delivery fee assessed. If you are uncertain if you fall in our delivery area, please contact us for additional delivery fees that may be added into your rental price. 


Still have other questions? Contact us HERE or call at (520) 247-7623.