Do bouncy castles need electricity?

Depending on the inflatable, bouncy castles may or may not require electricity. In the UK, there are two primary categories of inflatables: sealed and continuous airflow systems. An overview of the variances between the two is provided below:

Airtight inflatables.
Trampoline bases and paintball barriers are examples of sealed inflatables. These sealed objects perform well when placed in solid structures but struggle when jolted because they lose their pressure so quickly. A pressure release valve ought to be attached to them as well. Some imported ones lack this and can be harmful; using them is never advised. In the UK, sealed inflatables are rather uncommon; instead, continuous airflow inflatables predominate.

Inflatables with continuous airflow.
A fan that is powered by either electricity or fuel circulates air to maintain a high pressure level at all times in continuous airflow systems. Even in hot weather or under heavy use, the inflatable cannot explode since air escapes through the seams. The castles will remain bouncy due to the increased pressure!

Power: a generator or the mains?
A generator or the 240V power supplied by the mains can power the fan needed by a bounce house. Generators have the advantage of giving the castle power wherever it is needed. If your party, wedding, or event is taking place in the midst of a field, this is ideal. A generator is unavoidably a bit of a headache. The likelihood of a generator failing to operate is increased, and there is also an increase in fuel costs and noise. In order to prevent it from running out of fuel, you'll also need to keep an eye on the fuel level and top it off as necessary. Of course, the inflatable will start to deflate if that happens. In order to protect the youngsters, generators must be safely walled off and kept more than 20 metres away from the inflatable. Mains power is a great deal safer, more affordable, and more dependable. The only drawback to generators is that you have to be within 50 metres of a power source, which could be challenging if you're in the middle of a field with nothing around you.

Does the fan have to run throughout the celebration?
No and yes. In the UK, bouncy castles operate on a system of constant air flow. When the kids jump on the inflatable, air leaks from the bouncy castle's seams. To refill the air between each bounce, the fan has more than enough power. If your party includes food or activities, you might decide to deflate the bounce house to keep the kids' focus on the refreshments. You must perform this task with the assistance of two adults. First, let the kids know that they will be asked to leave the castle.Then tell the kids to leave the castle. then re-ask them! Then gather the obstinate individuals. To prevent kids from returning to the inflatable, have an adult stand watch in front. The second adult should then turn off the plug's button by going around the bounce house's back. Reverse the procedure once the food has completed. Till the inflatable castle is fully inflated, keep an adult in the front. Allow the bouncy castle to fully inflate before letting the kids utilise the toys. Larger inflatables may require several minutes, but often this process only takes about 60 seconds.

How much does it cost to maintain a castle?
Many people are concerned about this, especially given how frequently energy companies raise their costs. However, running a bounce house off of your home's main electricity won't set you back very much. The math says that it will cost roughly £1.68 to power a bounce house for 8 hours. It would only cost 42p to rent one bounce house for two hours in a village hall. Our electrical charges will be just £5.25 for your school fair if you have 5 bounce houses for 5 hours.

What if I'm without a power source?
Never rely on the hirer having a generator on hand or providing one as backup. It's better to inquire if you require one at the time of booking. Please be advised that there may be an additional fee and that you might have to purchase the fuel yourself. You can avoid disappointment if you organise this before the occasion. You might need to hire a generator if your employer doesn't provide one. To make sure you hire the right generator, once more ask your hirer for the fan or fans' specifications.

Which fans do you employ?
All of our inflatables are powered by a typical 1.5 hp power fan. Power use for this is 1.68 kilowatt hours. As of June 1st, 2020, the cost of electricity for UK consumers is 12.5p per kWH. The current cost per fan is 21p per hour if you time these two together. very affordable Which leads do you employ? Extension leads shouldn't be a concern for you because your hirer should provide them. But keep in mind that the maximum length of extension lead allowed is 50 metres. To be on the safe side, it might be good measuring the distance between the plug and the location of the bounce house. The extension leads must be PAT tested and have an IP44 rating for outdoor use, making them splash and damage resistant.

What if there is an outage?
Power outages do not occur frequently. Be calm if there is a power outage. A piece of metal or plastic that automatically closes on the bounce house prevents the air from escaping from the structure at a faster rate. You and the other adults will be able to safely pull the kids off thanks to this. Leave the castle in its current location and turn off the plug once the kids have gone to bed.

Is the inflatable still usable in the rain?
Yes, you are still permitted to use the bounce house during light rain. Because the leads are waterproof, you can use them in the rain without worrying about getting electrocuted. The only drawback is the possibility of receiving some messy children. However, it will also make it a special occasion that they will cherish and talk about with their friends for years to come.
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Do bouncy castles need electricity?

Depending on the inflatable, bouncy castles may or may not require electricity. In the UK, there are two primary categories of inflatables: sealed and continuous airflow systems. An overview of the variances between the two is provided below:
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