Wondering if you should add a generator to your order?

First, we need to know if you are having your event in a park. If yes, continue reading. If no, skip to the next paragraph. If your event is in a park, you DO need to rent a generator. Due to the electrical load of the jumping castle blowers, a generator is required in park settings. You will need to rent one generator per inflatable and/or concession. So, for example, if you are renting a castle and a sno cone machine, you will need to rent 2 generators. Each generator will come with a full tank of gas which lasts about 4 hours. If your event is scheduled longer than that, you will need to bring a gas can with extra gas in it. We are unable to provide that for you.

If you are having your event at a house, you DO NOT need to rent a generator unless the electrical outlet is more than 50 feet away from the location you would like the inflatable set up. If the outlet (regular, household outlet) is more than 50 feet away, please follow the above information for renting in a park.

If you need more information, please call our office at 520-247-7623.
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