• Actual Size: 23’L x 16’W x 17’H  

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Welcome to the ultimate clubhouse experience with Wonder World Jumping Castles! Introducing our vibrant Clubhouse Bounce House, where fun and imagination collide. With its colorful front resembling a lively clubhouse, complete with kids having a blast in the windows, this inflatable attraction brings joy to every event. Step inside to discover a world of excitement, featuring a spacious jumping area, a basketball hoop for some friendly competition, and a thrilling slide. Get ready to bounce, shoot, and slide your way to unforgettable memories!

Step into the Clubhouse: Our Clubhouse Bounce House invites children to embark on a thrilling adventure in their very own clubhouse. From the moment they enter, their imagination will soar as they explore the vibrant colors and cheerful design.

Endless Fun Inside: Jump, bounce, and play to your heart's content in the spacious interior of our Clubhouse Bounce House. With ample room to move and let loose, children can unleash their energy and create unforgettable moments of laughter and joy.

Slam Dunk Action: Challenge your friends to a friendly game of basketball! Our bounce house features a built-in basketball hoop, adding an extra element of excitement and friendly competition. Show off your skills and aim for that perfect slam dunk!

Thrilling Slide: Brace yourself for a thrilling ride down the slide! Kids can experience the rush of sliding down and landing in a world of fun. It's an adventure that will keep them entertained and engaged throughout the entire event.

Wet or Dry Fun: Dive into an unforgettable playtime experience with our Clubhouse Bounce House, which can be enjoyed both wet and dry. Add water for a splash-tastic adventure during those hot summer days, or use it as a dry bounce house for year-round excitement. The choice is yours!

Colorful and Captivating: The vibrant front of our Clubhouse Bounce House captures attention and ignites curiosity. With kids having a blast in the windows, it sets the stage for an unforgettable playtime experience that will captivate children and leave a lasting impression.

Safe and Secure Playtime: At Wonder World Jumping Castles, safety is our top priority. Our Clubhouse Bounce House is crafted with premium materials ensuring a secure and enjoyable play environment for all children.

Book Your Clubhouse Adventure: Ready to embark on a thrilling clubhouse experience? Get ready to bounce, shoot, and slide your way to endless fun, whether wet or dry!

Step into the vibrant world of our Clubhouse Bounce House and let the adventure begin! Wonder World Jumping Castles brings the joy of play to your event.

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